Two Malaysia’s Record in Batu Kawan

A 300-METRE long canopy walkway and a 52-metre high water jet at Aspen Vision City in Batu Kawan, Penang, have entered the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) as the largest and longest ETFE canopy and the highest water jet in the country.

The ETFE canopy walkway set a record for being the largest and longest canopy in Malaysia, while the water jet broke the record for being the highest water jet in Malaysia.

Aspen Group managing director Anilarasu Amaranazan said the canopy walkway with ETFE roof does not only keep the heat out but allows the interior to be bathed in warm, natural lighting.

“We felt very honoured to be recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records for this RM30mil canopy.

Anilarasu also added that the wind-resistant water jet provides a visual delight as it can be seen from afar.

Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said it was a pleasure to witness the continuous achievements transforming Batu Kawan, which was once considered a hinterland, into a bustling metropolis.

“The group (Aspen Group) is exemplary with its willingness to go the extra mile to have developments with a vision that stand out from others while creating a sustainable environment.

“The state compliments them for having such a vision and strongly encourages all developers to think out of the box and create more ideas which could further contribute towards Penang as a green and smart state,” he said.

Chow also witnessed the certificate presentation by MBR chief executive officer Datuk Michael Tio to Aspen Group president and chief executive officer Datuk M. Murly.

Also present during the ceremony was Bukit Tambun assemblyman Goh Choon Aik.

Source: TheStarOnline