These 7 Destinations Gets Plenty of AirAsia Discounts!

If you are a traveller that relishes a good overseas trip without burning your wallet, that getting a cheap flight ticket is very important. The calculations are simple – the cheaper they are, the less your trip will cost. Our country is blessed with an awesome number of low-cost flight companies, and we can certainly leverage on that. AirAsia has run plenty of discounts for their tickets, and these 7 destinations always get discounts too!



#1 Medan – Kualanamu (KNO)

Medan is one of those amazing places, and yet so close from home. Aside from the well known Danau Toba Lake, theres also Berastagi, with its amazing view. AirAsia flights to Medan from Penang and KLIA.

Usual price range – RM180 – RM250
Promotion price range – RM80-RM120



#2 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)

Uncle Ho’s city as we like to call it, Malaysians love this place. Its amazing food, warm temperature, and its crazy cheap textile drives us wild! For those seeking more fun, theres also the amazing Mekong River Cruise and the Chu Chi Tunnels for the war enthusiast. AirAsia flies to Ho Chi Minh City from Penang and KLIA.

Usual Price Range – RM400-600
Promotion Price Range – RM150 – RM300




#3 Osaka – Kansai (KIX)

Ahh… the blessed airport. Landing in Tokyo Narita or Kyoto could cost a lot in fees and all, and so many opted to enter Japan through Osaka. Plus, Osaka itself has plenty of sights to behold – from the Osaka Castle, Amerikamura and the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

Usual Price Range – RM1000
Promotion Period – RM600 – RM750

#4 Perth (PER)

Sick and tired of super-high energy Asian cities? Welcome to Perth mate. We take it easy aye… Fly here, have a good cup of coffee by its golden beach, and tour around its amazing farms and vineyards. have a barbecue with the locals and watch a cricket game too if you could.

Usual Price Range – RM800
Promotion Period – RM400-RM550

#5 Hong Kong (HKG)

One of the ‘Four Little Dragons’, Hong Kong is one of those place that could ‘knock you dizzy’. Super fast paced, situated in Asia, and yet has a very different character from the other Asian cities around it. When you’re tired of walking around,  visit a Cha Chaan Tengs (cafe) to enjoy a classic Hong Kong breakfast (socked milk tea + buns), and watch how the usually fast paced Hong Kongers immediately relaxes when they enter the cafe.

Usual Price Range – RM600-800
Promotion Period – RM250 – RM400


#6 Busan (PUS)

We can never have enough of Korea. Theres something ‘intoxicating’ about the place – its clean streets, hot spicy soups, cosmetics and the beautiful Korean stars… When Seoul gets too busy and boring, consider flying to Busan instead, and visit the popular Jeju Island.

Usual Price Range – RM800 – RM1000
Promotion Period – RM500 – RM700

#7 Guangzhou (CAN)

Malaysians visit Guangzhou for plenty of reasons. Most are businessmen seeking to source goods from the ‘factory of the world’, but many travel there for holidays too. AirAsia flies there from many destinations – KLIA, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi. One enjoyable thing to do there is to take a cruise along the Pearl River, and witness the fastest urbanisation process ever to happen to mankind.

Usual Price range – RM600 – RM1000
Promotion Period – From Langkawi RM170 – RM300, From Kota Kinabalu RM300 – RM500, From Johor Bahru RM250 – RM450, From KLIA RM300 – RM500


Source: PropertyGuru