8 Latest Features Trending in the Property Market

The plethora of new developments are just astounding. Residential developments are now challenging the norms, seeking for better and extraordinary ways to make their residential projects appealing to buyers. The baits are extreme and they come with a heavy price tag.

Here are 8 latest features trending in the property market, both locally and internationally:

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Bringing Paradise Closer to Home

The island wonder is no longer a far fetch idea, especially for folks living in the big city. Developers are now aggressive in reclaiming land to create these man-made wonders. The fascination of living in a paradise is a great marketing agenda to sell especially to those high-flying individuals who can get too consumed with work as well as extremely rich urban folks.

Dubai is leading the way globally with astounding man-made islands like Palm Islands and Jumeirah Island to name a few, while Malaysia is witnessing states like Penang, Melaka and Johor reclaiming land for both commercial and residential purposes.

Why venture far and beyond for a slice of heaven when you can have it right at home, in the city.

Jumeirah Island, Deira Island


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Image sourced from Propsearch AE

Forest City


forest city forest city

Image sourced from Forest City


Live Among the Clouds

The higher, the better. Developers can’t resist in building the biggest, the tallest and the highest residential infrastructures that would literally blow potential buyers’ mind. Who wouldn’t want to live 150 storeys up high in the sky, while defying gravity. Imagine the breath-taking view of living among the clouds.

Malaysia is constructing Warisan Merdeka, which is  the third tallest tower in the world.  Meanwhile, Dubai’s The Kingdom Tower is said to have an outrageous daring open-air sky terrace at level 157. It won’t get any better than this killer view!

Kingdom Tower, Jeddah


The-Kingdom-Tower salam construction

Image sourced from Salam Construction


Warisan Merdeka


warisan merdeka husband retail

Image sourced from Husband Retail


Posh Cars, Posh Pads

Yes, even cars need a pad to swag. Car fanatics and collectors would be the core to this latest craze of residential developments. If you have gorgeous cars, why wouldn’t you showcase them to the rest of the neighborhood. Glass garages are customized to accentuate these million dollars rides to set pride alight.

Avid collectors and owners wouldn’t mind spending the cash to purchase a unit with built in car-elevator to hoist up these priced processions to their pads. In fact, developers in Miami are even building apartments for these posh cars to live in!

On the local front, 51 Gurney would be the first of its kind in Malaysia. The project has been around for a few years but works on the development haven’t begun yet. Will 51 Gurney see the light of day?

Auto House, Miami


auto house the real deal

Image sourced from The Real Deal


51 Gurney, Keramat



Image sourced from 51 Gurney

Are You a Tom Brady or a Serena Williams?


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Fitness is among the most famous selling points in many high to mid-ranged developments. But let’s go a step further. Let’s bring the real deal to the residents. New developments are now introducing sports simulators that are able to replicate sports ambiance to the users.

New high-rise developments in the States are pretty big with American football and tennis simulators as part of their facilities. In fact, New York’s Gramercy Square’s sports simulator has a wide range of sports to choose from that include football, baseball and even rugby. Meanwhile, M City, Ampang opts for golf simulators as part of its wide-ranging facilities.

Gramercy Square, New York



Image sourced from Forbes


M City, Ampang


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It’s in the Name

Name sells.

Renowned designers are known to be a market bait to lure enthusiastic property aficionados to buy. In the United States, these names are widened to Hollywood stars, who would ‘lend’ their names and star power to established developers to promote new developments. Assuming they did design the developments, the value of their endorsed properties are said to surge 20% more than  ‘nameless’ developments.

1Sound Lounge, Kent in New York is designed by Lenny Kravitz


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Le Nouvel KLCC is designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel

jean-nouvel architecture list

Image sourced from Architecture List


Crazy Facilities 

Conveniences are a huge deal to buyers and developers are well aware of it. Buyers are constantly thinking on how to make life easier given how hectic work and daily routines are. Latest residential developments are banking on such needs by providing mind blowing facilities.

Dog parks? Feng Shui Gardens? What about Spa and Saloon, exclusively for residents only. Or a water theme-park right at your doorsteps? Developers are even throwing in open theaters where residents are able to watch movies underneath the stars. Well, this crazy list just goes on!

The Grand at Sky View Parc, Queens


parc NY dog park streeteasy

Image sourced from Street Easy


Wangsa 9, Wangsa Maju


wangsa 9

Image sourced from Wangsa 9


Smart People, Smart Homes



A voice activation? Controlling your home through a simple touch on your phone? Or having an Artificial Intelligence (AI), voiced by the dashing Morgan Freeman, predicting every single step that you would do in your house? Things are getting easier to manage thanks to the evolution of technology.

Smart home is massive in the US and Dubai, and it is aggressively creeping into our backyards. Most developers are incorporating technology with the comfort of a home. Major Silicon Valley players are pushing smart home living as a necessity, which include Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis (A.I) and Apple’s latest HomeKit. Competition is stiff, hence do expect mind blowing home applications in the near future!

Verdi Eco-dominium, Cyberjaya



Image sourced from Verdi Eco-dominium


The Finer Things in Life

This feature is tailor-made to a niche and elite pool of buyers who have an exquisite and fine taste in life. The cigar and wine tasting room is made for cigar aficionados and wine connoisseurs in mind. This element is added with wine cellars to store these vintage priced possessions along with ample of space to have guests over for drinks.

It’s like having Napa Valley right in the comfort of your own home!

One Rover Point, Miami


Chairs-add-color-and-informal-charm-to-the-wine-tasting-room-with-stone-walls decoist

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Ritz Carlton Residences, KL



Image source from Ritz

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